In a sad and gray city a series of characters represent the boredom and miscommunication of the day by day. Their lives, monotonous and boring, take a radical turn when the Flower Man appears, he will leave a mark of color in each one of the characters.



Hambre come is a five and a half minute puppet theatre played only for two people. The story develops inside a suitcase with two peepholes through which you can spy what happens inside a restaurant. Without words, the carefully chosen music, heard through earphones, is indispensable to give meaning to the piece and to get the spectator into a unique atmosphere.

dossier_hambrecome_spanish                                                              dossier_hambrecome_english


Titeresante – Toni Rumbau (spanish)

Metro TV-Interview Indonesia (english)


IMG_1996“Te quiero guapa y sencilla como yo te conocí, no tienes que engalanarte pa nadie más que pa mí, ni tu eres mujer moderna ni quiero que lo aparentes, que yo te prefiero antigua que lo antiguo vale siempre, que con el triguito limpio todo el mundo te compare, que por fuera y por dentro te parezcas a mi madre…”

The songs that our grandmothers heard are not far away from nowadays reality. Trigo Limpio is an experiment with masks and puppets performed in B.E.A in 2013, about the control that the patriarchal system intends to have on our bodies by moral and religious impositions in the name of honor and moral virtue. MY BODY IS MINE.



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